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The following article featured our business in the September/October 2018 Florida Women magazine Central Florida edition.

It’s a family affair . . . We do it all!

By Gary S. Hatrick

When a chair is like part of the family or replacing it would be a major part of the budget, you should call Familia Upholstery of Wesley Chapel.

As the name suggests, Familia Upholstery is a local, family business run by Yailis Feliciano and her parents, master upholsterer Miguel Feliciano and Reina Arce.

“We do it all,” Feliciano said. “We do commercial and residential furniture and we do marine and vehicles.”

“It’s a family thing with my parents,” Feliciano explained. “They are the craft people, they actually do the work and I run the business. My parents have been doing it for many years. They used to have a business in Puerto Rico when we lived there when I was growing up.”

Just to prove that it is a family affair, the name of the business means family. They all started together in business seven months ago when Miguel and Reina, bored with retirement, were thinking about returning to Puerto Rico.

“I said, ‘If I start the business, will you do the work?’ ” Feliciano recalled. “ ‘I’ll bring the customers and do the administrative part of business.’ We’ve been consistently busy ever since. Now I’m trying to grow it into something more.”

Currently they do more residential upholstery due to the contacts Feliciano makes at networking groups and other places, but she knows they could excel in corporate upholstery such as restaurants, hospitals, medical offices, and corporate offices.

“Commercial office furniture is very expensive, so it is better to reupholster,” Feliciano observed.

Expense is one of the considerations when deciding to upholster, Feliciano said. In a throw-away world there has to be a good reason. “When you have a piece of furniture that is over 10 years old and is something you know has good bones and is good quality or if it has some sort of sentimental value – that’s when you upholster,” she advised. “If it is going to cost more to upholster [than to buy new] and you don’t have sentimental value, you might as well get a new piece.”

Marine furniture, that is furniture on a boat, is kind of a toss-up on expense, but the benefit there is the personal expression. “They can get a custom job. They get the colors they want, the materials they want, so people prefer to reupholster to buying new,” she said.

In all cases, the material oftentimes drives the cost even more than the labor, Feliciano explained. “There’s the range of finer fabrics that could cost you $80 a yard or more and there’s a little bit more affordable material so it really depends,” she said. “I try to work around customer’s budgets If someone says I have $500 to spend on the chair, I am able to help them choose materials that will keep them close to that.”

That kind of personal customer service is what Feliciano really feels sets Familia Upholstery from other upholsterers. “Our service includes pick-up and delivery,” she said. “I do full service. I come to people’s homes or office and give them an estimate onsite and then we offer the pick up and delivery.”

Besides home or business estimates and pick up and delivery, Feliciano offers quick turnaround and good communication providing updates via texting, e-mail or whatever method of communication with which the customer is comfortable.

For more information on Familia Upholstery visit and look at a gallery of photographs of the work they have done or visit their Facebook page. If you prefer call *(813) 360-1004 to learn more or arrange for an estimate.

*edited to reflect current business telephone number

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